Thursday, 4 November 2010

Thrid and final post of the day..

Our current project: In small groups we have to present our creative ideas, themes, logos and name for the currently untitled and work in progress, student union.

We liked the name 'the lounge' as it seemed to fit perfectly with the managers description and aim of what he hopes the place will be.

These are the logos that i created.

I'll try and post some more of the project as and when it gets done.

While i'm at it..

This is the logo that i created for my new band, currently printed on some stickers and used for flyers.

Check us out at
Contact me or one of the other guys if you want some stickers


It's been a long time since i uploaded anything on here, mainly because its taken me a while to get back into the routine swing of things since college finishing college.

Basically, since starting uni the projects to date haven't required much physical work, it's mainly computer work at the moment. Although, this was a nice little project where we had to decorate a bean can based on a random artists work (my artist being illustrator Sara Fanelli)

The cans are currently on display in the uni arts block cafe.

Monday, 15 March 2010


This was originally a small section of an A3 illustration piece that i did. I scanned it into photoshop and made a very atmospheric piece that seems to have a lot of texture to it. The only thing i ended up editing in this picture is the colour slightly.

More sketchbook prints..

Just a few more prints from the sketchbook mentioned in the previous post. Random selection out of 24 odd prints. Done by masking up and inking a plain lino block and spilling white spirit on it just before placing it under the relief press.


I filled up a book with little prints like this. I made some larger ones which i used to develop other pieces of work, but that's another story for another time folks.

Tuesday, 2 March 2010


I was given the task of making some promotional stickers for my own bands website. I did a bunch of drawings and fonts myself which i messed around with but they didn't lead to anything special so instead i used a drawing from my homeslice jamies new work and basically re made it to end up with these two images.

Again, undecided on which one i prefer. Guess you'll soon find out what one we chose if we ever get them printed.